Mountain Dew Liberty Brew (355ml) (USA)


  • Limited Edition
  • Limited Worldwide Stock
  • Midnight-blue colour
  • Berry-esc Flavor
  • From USA (355ml)

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Collectors MNT DEW Just landed!

Fresh Mountain Dew Landed from the USA which was officially released for Memorial Day weekend as a limited edition flavor. Production will be discontinued on the 11th of August 2019 so grab them whist you can, when they are gone they are gone 😏

Order MTN Dew Liberty Brew UK and Worldwide 🌍

Part of the new DEWNITED campaign celebrating all of the 50 American states, Liberty Brew is a combination of 50 different fruity flavours resulting in a midnight blue colour similar to the Dark Berry with a flavour which can only be described as cirtus mtn dew meets berry, think Krabby Patty Gummies if you’ve tried them

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